A Letter to the Super Food Super Life Community

So I have taken a pretty significant break since my last post in early June. I have missed this site so much, and while I was away I took some much needed time for myself. I traveled to festivals, yoga centers, retreats, went camping & hiking in some of the most beautiful places in the Western part of the United States. I will be sharing many images & stories up on the site very soon. 

Over the past several weeks I have gotten download about Super Food Super Life, what is stands for and the changes/upgrades that need to be made to it. I realize that food is not just food that we cook in our kitchens or eat at restaurants, it’s everything we take into our bodies, including the air, water, beauty products, thoughts, feelings, environment & community around us. We are constantly having a conversation with that that enters our field. My goal with this site is to bring you the things that I have had a conversation with, and resonate so deeply and so highly that I can not help but share my favorites with you here. 

Today's post about Province Apothecary marks the starts of the conscious commerce aspect of the site - highlighting businesses that (to me) respect the ingredients they use, the people they employ & the standard of integrity that they hold in operating their practice. Coming soon will be a “conscious commerce” space on the site that will highlight my favorite products and will take you directly to his or her store (not to a third party reseller) because I want to promote direct sales and exchange with the maker/artisan/store. I will also update and refresh the recipes & resources part of the site. There is so much more to come, but I just wanted to give you a taste!

I love you. Thank you for being here.

I ask you now,  "What are you feeding yourself today?" 

WisdomAlexa Gray